David Baker Effendi

Director of Research & Development

David is the Director of Research & Development at Whirly Labs where he leads the team of developers to create in house program analysis tools for effective program audits. In addition to this role, he communicates, designs, creates, and maintains custom analysis software at an industry-leading standard to either be integrated as the core of the client’s product offering or for their own in house services.

Over the period of his master’s studies, he made major contributions in the open-source community, where he became a leading contributor to the Joern static analysis framework. It was here that his precise and effective feature delivery became self-evident, proving that early on in his science career the ability to own, lead, and maintain major components of cutting edge static analysis software, delivering impactful features on time that solve the needs of both the academic and tech industry communities alike. His work is used by Amazon Web Services’ program analysis group, as well as part of the core analysis backbone of QwietAI and Privado Inc.

David’s experience is deeply rooted in academia where he graduated from Stellenbosch University, South Africa with a focus on static program analysis research. From an academic capacity, he has presented his research at A tier international software and security conferences. His Ph.D. thesis will be submitted toward the 2023/2024 academic deadline.