Knowledge is power.

At Whirly Labs, we believe that the main problem in the security industry is not a lack of technology but rather a lack of education. This creates a vicious cycle in which buyers - unable to assess the quality of security assessments - are duped by charlatans that provide increasingly worthless results at constantly decreasing cost, pushing any quality out of the market. We believe in providing our customers with the knowledge required to detect and steer clear of the charlatans.

Don’t play with food, money, or the security of data.

Our objective is to keep your systems safe rather than turning them into experimentation grounds for AI-powered security gadgets. Let others chase the newest tech hype while we secure your systems with a no-nonsense approach resting on solid and established principles.

There is no solution to insecurity.

The product security industry often tries to convince you that insecurity is a problem that you can solve by buying a “solution”. In reality, security is a property of a system that decreases unless acted on, in the same way the temperature in a room may drop unless you heat it. This sober perspective is at the heart of our work: we will help you increase your security to a reasonable degree without breaking the bank.

– Prof. Dr. Fabian Yamaguchi, CTO/Founder Whirly Labs (Pty) Ltd. –